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Balinese Farm Cooking School
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 62 reviews
 by David & Julie
Disappointing finish

This was a wonderful experience and the staff were fabulous! The organic food we picked, prepared and cooked was to die for. Couldn’t fault anything.... right up to the time when they asked us for the advertised “included” apron back! The website boasts an included cookbook and pinafore as part of your purchased experience but staff asked us to return the pinafores ad we were about to leave. Apparently there has been a policy change but this hasn’t been updated on the website! Buyer beware! This soured our whole morning and made a really special and unique experience seem pithy! Such a let down!

Hi David & Julie,Thank you for taking the time to write the review. We apologies for this inconvenience. As we have clarify to you as well that we had change the policy for the apron. We had experience too much waste in the past since more than 70% guest did not taking the apron home due to bad quality of it. At this time we had the apron available for purchase. We are looking forward to seeing you in the future.-Wayan

 by Tjek Nien
Absoluely fun and interesting

I never thought that cooking class would be so fun and interesting. My family were really enjoyed the cooking class. Although, quite far away from Kuta but it is worthy to try. If you stay in Ubud, it will be about 1 hour drive. I like the concept from farm to table.

 by Davida Sayers
Pure culinary bliss

I loved every minute of this experience. One can be overwhelmed by all the cooking classes/schools in Bali and the enthusiastic reviews left by participants. The deciding factors for me were the-
1) organic farm
2) advanced techniques on offer
3) the fabulous and interesting menus
My husband and I took the advanced class. The school arranged our transportation to the farm. Our trip through the lush countryside was cool. Our van had fellow burgeoning Balinese chefs on board. They were Australians with their kids. This is a wonderful activity for the family by the way, so kudos to these parents.
Before arriving at the school, we visited a local market. This market tour was earthy, colorful, delicious and informative.
Upon arriving at the Farm and seeing the facilities, I was struck by how well the whole complex was designed. It is rustic and elegant. These people have taken great care with everything. We were then split up into our classes, Beginner and Advanced. The Advanced class requires at least two people. Since hubby and I were the only two in the class, it was pretty much a private lesson, awesome!
Our instructor, Wayan, was also the founder/owner. He was stupendous! I can't write or say enough about how fantastic he is. Super witty, engaging, and generous, we felt at home immediately. We had a table set for two plus our own kitchen, very romantic. What set this school apart from the others was the variety of dishes that we could make. I made my eight selections from the list of appetizers, mains, and desserts. We then walked through the organic farm and picked our own ingredients. We learned about Wayan's vision for his community. His mission is keep the local villagers engaged through organic farming, trade, and sustainable enterprises. We saw his concept in action, and it is legit.
We had our ingredients set up, but definitely not pre-chopped/sliced/ground, so we started prepping our stuff. We learned about the two main seasoning blends that form the basis for most Balinese dishes, Simple Bumbu Bali and Complete Bumbu Bali. These two blends are so aromatic and heavenly, I'm depressed not having any nearby.
We cooked and ate in courses. Everything was so flavorful, bright, fresh and nuanced, just indescribably ambrosial.
This class was a great value and the highlight of our trip. I apologize for my seemingly long and effusive praise, but our time there was time well spent. The energy of the whole place is so positive. When planning trips and activities, many times things can be underwhelming. This was the opposite. This was not a hustle for tourist cash. They have a gift shop and not once were we notified of its existence. We were so happy to purchase items from the shop and bring back a true piece of Bali. Frankly, I was relieved that I was able to buy my supplies from them and avoid the hassle of trying to find them in a market in town or back home in Germany. I have my starter kit! Did I mention that aprons and cookbooks are included in the price of admission? What's not to love...

 by Justin
Great Experience For Anyone Visiting Bali

I’ll start off by saying that this was easily one of my favorite and most memorable parts of our vacation in Bali. My wife and I love cooking at home, but more often than not we end up cycling through the same meals/recipes we’ve done numerous times before. This cooking class has given us inspiration to try a few new things in the kitchen, pushing us towards Indonesian and fusion flavors.

Regardless of where you’re staying in Bali, I encourage you to take this class. We stayed at the very southern peninsula of Bali in Nusa Dua, so the ride to Ubud was 30+ minutes in addition to the 20-30 minutes from Ubud to the farm itself, but every second was worth it. The market visit was a lot of fun. Seeing fruits and vegetables that were familiar, variations of what you may be used to, or just plain weird was great. Bring a little bit of cash with you if you want to take some tasty treats back with you.

The farm itself is beautiful. It’s a totally organic farm, so anything on the grounds is safe to pick and eat right then and there. The assortment of vegetables grown here is really quite beautiful. The guide and cooking instructors are extremely knowledgeable of their crops and their western counterparts/substitutes if you don’t have access to the exact plants used.

Of course, the class itself was the highlight of the entire experience. Getting hands-on with the veggies you just picked on the farm makes it all real. The kitchen area is covered, but you’re outdoors facing the beautiful farm. The instructions were clear and the recipes are great for beginners and experienced cooks alike. All of the flavors were vibrant and each dish was more delicious than the last. The staff was eager to help and accommodating; you could tell they loved sharing Balinese culture through the cuisine.

My only regret, if you could even call it a regret, was not taking more photos and videos! That’s how engaging the class was, which isn’t even a complaint for me. I hope that everyone visiting Bali takes the time to experience this class.

 by Karin
Great day

I had a great day at the Balinese Farm Cooking School. Everything was well organised. Market vist was extremely interesting. Cooking with an international group of people was much fun and the food was delicous.

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“Perfect Farm and Cooking Experience!!”

My sister and I knew coming to Bali we wanted to take a cooking class. After looking into a few we settled on this one because of the organic farm aspect, and I’m glad we did!! From the market tour to picking and learning about the numerous plants on the farm (many of which I had never actually seen growing before), this class was extra special. We then went on to cook 5 different dishes and a dessert. They had the option to chose a vegetarian menu, which was perfect for me. I highly recommend this class!

Allison W

TripAdvisor member

“A must do in Ubud! Will change the way you look at Indonesian food (in a good way)”

All organizational items were five stars, transport, music, guide, etc etc. Being able to walk around the true organic farm and pick the herbs and veg yourself, then cook it, then eat it is a great experience.


TripAdvisor member

“True Balinese experience, Hands-on”


After much research I decided to book this cooking class among so many others due of the added market and the organic farm visit. It turns out to be a great choice choosing this cooking school.


Disclaimer: if you are truly princess and do not like to get into the farm and country side maybe this is not for u. A lot of hands on and getting hands dirty. But it’s worth it.


TripAdvisor member


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